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Integrating Syrian Refugees in Istanbul’s “District of Victimhood”

Sultangazi is home to a mix of religious and ethnic groups – as well as 50,000 Syrian refugees. The district received the refugees warmly. But resentment is rising, as public services suffer and opposition forces suspect the ruling party of using refugees to exacerbate social divisions.

Reference: klazri - 2018/2/15

Video: Integrating Syrian Refugees in Istanbul's "District of Victimhood"

Crisis Group’s Turkey Project Director Nigar Göksel talks about identity politics and growing frictions in the job market between Syrian refugees and host communities in the refugee-dense neighbourhoods of Turkey’s major western cities.

Reference: jgutierrez - 2018/2/14

Tackling the MENA Region’s Intersecting Conflicts

How can the dizzying changes, intersecting crises and multiplying conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa since the 2011 Arab uprisings be best understood, let alone responded to? This long-form commentary by MENA Program Director Joost Hiltermann and our team steps back for a better look and proposes new approaches.

Reference: aolafs - 2018/2/13

Russia Can Keep the Peace Between Israel and Iran

But following the hostilities over the weekend, does Putin want to?

Reference: mdewaegenaere - 2018/2/12

Conflicts to Watch in 2018: A New World Disorder?
Wednesday, February 21, 2018Embassy of France to the United States, Washington, DC
Reference: klazri - 2018/2/12

By Deporting 200,000 Salvadorans, Trump May Be Boosting Gang Recruitment

Reference: klazri - 2018/2/11

In Memoriam: Asma Jahangir, 1952-2018
Reference: admin - 2018/2/11

Talking about Syrian Post-War Reconstruction

While announcing an end to the Syrian civil war is grossly premature, it nevertheless has become clear over the past year that the conflict has started to wind down, owing to the military commitments of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, and largely on the Assad regime’s terms.

Reference: klazri - 2018/2/09

Extending the Korean Winter Olympics Detente

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games, together with the 70th anniversary of both North and South Korea, represents an opportunity for diplomacy to help reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Reference: jgutierrez - 2018/2/09

Russia Should Broker a Modus Vivendi in Syria Between Israel, Iran and Hizbollah

Reference: klazri - 2018/2/08

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